Sunflower Succession


This quilt was a response to the International Quilt Museum’s #modernmeetsmodern challenge in 2021.  The original (or catalyst) quilt I chose to draw inspiration from has a negative space shape (the rectangle that looks like the corners are stretched out). It’s the same negative space shape seen in the orange peel design or the double wedding ring design.  I wanted to keep with the concept of centrality using that shape.  I took that shape and used it over and over in this design; in the center of the flowers, tracing the imagined shape the light green leaves make at all four outstretched points, and in the long edge of the darker green leaves and going off the frame.

I was inspired by the original quilt’s colors, but added a few more muted colors to make sort of a chocolate box palette.

Sunflowers have always captured by attention and I’ve enjoyed growing them in recent years.  In this quilt I intentionally skewed the proportions of the stylized sunflowers to show the flower articulating to meet morning (pink), noon (blue), and evening (purple).  It’s named Sunflower Succession in both the agricultural and Modern meets Modern sense.

Later, in 2022, in response to the war in Ukraine the Museum sponsored an auction to support humanitarian aid efforts.  This quilt was offered and sold in that auction.  














Applique and quilting detail






Hand and machine quilted