It all started with a prize from the Guild retreat.  My ticket was called and I selected a little stack of fabrics that looked vintage.  They were brightly colored and kind of stiff like a wax print.  At first glance they looked like juvenile prints so I tucked them away for perhaps a donation quilt. 

A little over a year ago I put my hands on them again and was inspired to do something with them.  

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[Originally published June 22, 2021]

In 2020, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild’s community outreach focus was on giving small-ish quilts to children in the local foster care system. Given that we were not able to meet in person to sew collectively because of Covid-19, this was a project each quilter could do on their own and turn in. I’m proud to say our guild donated 100 quilts.

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[Originally published April 22, 2019]

Happy Earth Day 2019! This one has an odd name, I know. It was inspired by a picture of a person stacking rocks by a river. Others have seen a collection of those painted kindness rocks. It might also just be an interesting organic design that doesn’t have to mean anything.

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