Quilts for the 70273 Project



Shown here are two out of the four “middlings”, or smaller sized art quilts made for The 70273 Project. 

In all of the Projects’ quilts, each pair of red Xs commemorates one of the 70,273 people with special needs who were deemed “worthless eaters” and killed by the Nazis before the Holocaust began. 

For more on this project and the symbolism behind the red Xs, see Jeanne-Hewell-Chambers’ site for The 70273 Project.


Quilt 370, named by The 70273 Project, is a small piece made of my family’s old t-shirts and embroidery floss.  It has 616 pairs of red Xs






Close up of Quilt 370, in progress






Back of Quilt 370






Quilt 656 was a pure improvisational exercise.  Each larger pair of Xs is pieced.  This one represents The 70273 Project as a whole to me, with the strand of red “thread” that remembers these souls encircling the commemorations.  There are a total of 117 here.






Work in progress photo of the 70273 quilts.